Alessia Lorea Arregui is a Romanian and Basque-American multi-media artist based in Providence, RI exploring the relationship between physically and digitally driven processes. Material processes such as glassblowing, ceramics, and weaving inform the foundation for her digital making. Arregui’s background as a glassblower began through her interest in optical effects such as camera obscura, magic lantern, and Pepper’s ghost. These early Phantasmagoric AR effects for rendering fantasy correlate to contemporary VR digital spaces, all throughout revealing the uncertainty of the visible and nonvisible landscape.

Arregui also is the co-founder of n00n, a digital art collective that uses digital media, including 3D modeling and 3D scanning, to present immersive virtual animations. By using 3D scanning, hand-crafted objects are uploaded into a digital reality. This process echoes the fluidity in the digitization of our relationships and social dynamics: computerized experiences are interwoven with physical memories. In her rendered digital landscapes, a sense of hyper-reality is collaged with socio-aesthetic symbols that form a digital diaspora. n00n’s collective cultural consciousness is harbored within the crafting process between material and digital worlds. n00n has presented  work with art spaces such as 18th Street Art Center, AS220, The Wrong Biennale, Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Center, New Art City, Art Gym Gallery, Li Tang Gallery and the Supernova Digital Animation Festival.

“2022 Interlace Project Grant”, Providence, RI

“Down to Earth” Roots and Culture Contemporary Art Space, Chicago, IL

“Power Moves”, 18th Street Art Center, Los Angeles, CA

“Ebih”, AS220 Blackbox Theatre, Providence, RI

“The Next International Juried Exhibition”, Li Tang Gallery, New York City, NY

"My Dreams These Days: Virtual", New Art City

“My Mother Was a Computer” The Wrong Biennale no. 5, Pavilion 87, hosted by New Art City

"Denver Digerati" Art Gym Gallery, Denver, CO

“Re-Generation” Denver Digerati, Supernova Digital Animation Festival, Denver, CO

"My Dreams These Days” SAIC, Chicago, IL

BFA Glass 2015, Rhode Island School of Design